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About Troy


Troy is a resourceful and imaginative design professional with an architectural degree and a wide range of experience in the entertainment industry including events, stage shows, industrials, theme park based projects along with architectural projects.  He is a highly effective contributor to each phase of the production process from blue sky brainstorming to design and development through fabrication and installation.  His strong problem solving, communication, budget management, and leadership skills are an essential part of every projectToday's fearless designer began his career at 13 years of age in the entertainment industry as a scenic artist for Southern California theatre companies.  He continued working in theatrical production and design while pursuing his degree in architecture from the New School of Architecture.  Soon after college, he began working at Disneyland.  While at Disneyland, he provided technical design for shows and parades such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Festival of Fools Show and Light Magic.  Moving over to Walt Disney Imagineering he provided design expertise for Tokyo DisneySeas’ Porto Paradiso Water Carnival and several Atmosphere Talent Concepts.  Troy became a freelance Scenic Designer and founded Ertel Incorporated in 2003.  He has enjoyed working on a variety of entertainment projects with several great companies including The Walt Disney Company, DreamWorks, SeaWorld, Marvel Studios, Universal Studios, and various Production Companies.